Marion Fisher

Carl Baker-Christophel

Carl is a humble and godly father of 3 who has devoted his life to serving the "at risk" members of our community and our church.

Rachael Baker-Christophel

Rachel describes herself as an "everyday lady who loves her Lord and Savior." She and her husband Carl faithfully serve the hurting throughout church and the community at large. Rachel also serves as Women's Ministry Team Leader.

Judy McColl

Judy is an asset to CBC; visiting seniors, preparing communion, landscaping our grounds and taking care of various other "behind the scenes" tasks. Judy also enjoys gardening and traveling. 

Mark Sommars

With a true heart for the Lord, Mark leads a prison ministry, providing bibles to inmates across the nation.

Cindy Rosetto

Cindy has been a member of Chillicothe Bible church for 35 years.  She has been married to Rick Rosetto for 47 years.  They have two children and three grandchildren.  Cindy is actively involved in teaching ladies Bible studies.  She has also served on five short term mission trips to SE Asia.

Steve Hartwig

Steve is a true servant of the Lord, visiting the sick, assisting those in need, and always offering a helpful hand.