Missions & Ministry Strategy

This is fulfilled in accordance with the Lord’s desire to bless all nations by focusing on local evangelism and unreached people groups.


Local Evangelism

Local ministries we support are the Crossword Café, Great Oaks, Cadre, Small World, Rural Home Missions, and many internal programs (ex. Wild Game Feast, MOPS, AWANA, VBS) to reach our community. Because these local community-based ministries are in our own backyard, they do not receive support from national or international sources. 

If we do not reach our own area, no one else will.


Unreached People Groups 

Approximately one-third of the world's population falls into the group of unreached. This is defined as an area where there are very few Christian missionary workers and almost no Christians. To reach these unreached people groups, fifty percent of our individual missionary support goes to provide for missionaries in these areas. Any funds spent there can have a huge impact. We support missionaries within the countries of Albania, Azerbaijan, India, Indonesia, Jordan, and Tajikistan. The Lord is moving in Chillicothe and the nations around the world.